Central Side Airbag: Hyundai Gives More Safety for the Customer


Hyundai wants to continue ensuring the safety of its occupants, and, for this, it has developed the central side airbag designed to protect the head.

Currently, car companies are showing great concern for the care of our planet, but they must also ensure the safety of passengers. Hyundai, aware of this, has decided to go further by developing the central side airbag. It is a new safety measure that will offer more excellent protection for the occupants of its vehicles. Thanks to its presence, head injuries can be substantially reduced in the event of an accident. One of the most delicate areas of the human body, and whose protection helps prevent other injuries from occurring.


Thanks to the presence of this new airbag, the Korean firm aims to prevent damage to the passengers in the front seats. The seat is hidden inside the driver’s seat and the co-driver and will only deploy in case someone is sitting in either of the two places. Thus considerably reducing the damage of the occupants.

And it is that Hyundai estimates that through the medial side, airbag head injuries caused by the collision of passengers with each other is reduced by 80 %. This figure is undoubtedly very hopeful since it represents a considerable increase in the safety of the occupants of a vehicle.

On the other hand, its design will allow the weight of the occupant himself not to cause the structure to yield, allowing the head to strike. To achieve this, Hyundai engineers have developed an internal fastening strap that allows the airbag to keep its shape intact to ensure that the occupant of the vehicle does not move.


Gradually this system will be implemented in the range of Hyundai models since the brand itself expects the United States to take into account the side impact in the tests next year. With this premise, the Korean firm will be able to increase its excellent reputation in terms of safety. A section in its vehicles has already stood out, as demonstrated by the 12 TOP SAFETY PICK + awards awarded by the IIHS.

The reason is how Hyundai intends to ensure the safety of occupants with an airbag, which most likely adapts sooner or later to rear seats. With this premise, the Korean firm has managed to have a clear commitment. It not only with the care of the environment but also with its customers, who will be more protected. Thanks to this security measure, that will gradually be present throughout the range of models.

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