Free to Install a Charging Point With the Purchase of Hyundai Electric Model


Hyundai has just announced that, with the acquisition of one of its electric vehicles, a charging point will install for free in our home.

The electrical sector actively established in the contemporary market, but, even so, many aspects must be polished to fit diligently. For this, Hyundai has decided to move more and more regularly in this segment and offer a desirable option, and that will make many potential customers opt for a vehicle of the Korean house. To be more specific, the firm will give a charging point to anyone who has one of its electric models. Undoubtedly a gift that will facilitate coexistence with this new life support for the car.


To make this possible, Hyundai has joined forces Fenie Energy, one of the leading companies in electricity, gas, and energy-saving services. Thanks to this coalition, customers of the Korean firm will be able to enjoy a free charging station in their home. They are allowing not only to power their electric vehicle at home but also to do it in the fastest and fastest way — efficient possible.

To make things even more comfortable, both companies have chosen the 7.4 kW next charger, one of the latest models on the market. Thanks to its technology, it will be possible to manage the charging periods using a mobile application or by Bluetooth. With the aim that we do not need to be at home to start refueling.


Safety is also present in this system, something of which the protections against surges and shunts in both AC and DC attest. However, the customer’s home must have a series of conditions to carry out the installation. This reason is why a specialized technician will visit each house and thus answer any questions about both the charger and the Hyundai electric models.

The installation involves 40 meters away and three steps of walls or slabs, at the same time as carrying out the legalization procedures. Once carried out, it will be possible that both the electric Hyundai Ioniq and the electric Kona can supply in the garage of our house without the need to resort to a conventional outlet.

Thanks to this proposal by the Korean brand and Genie Energy, electric vehicles will have a much higher appeal. If we add to this the possibility of having a zero label and more than enough autonomy to cover urban routes, we find a formula that will be difficult to beat for its main competitors.

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