How to Drive Safely in a Traffic Jam

drive safely

Now that one of the times of the year with greater traffic density is approaching, we want to remind you how to drive when we go by caravan to avoid accidents by range. They are much more common than you think because, in 2016, they accounted for 24.5% of the claims that occurred in Spain.

Luckily, it is not a type of accident that stands out for its mortality, since it accounts for 10% of those killed. Of course, these crashes produce the greatest number of minor injuries (such as whiplash ), so we must not forget to take certain precautions while the cars do not have a driving assistant in traffic jams that allows the car to move forward and stop alone.

There are so many displacements that occur these days that it is almost inevitable that there will be retentions in some areas, such as when leaving the cities or on the way to holiday areas due to recency, such as beaches. These are the basic behaviors to consider when driving with your vehicle on hold.

drive safely

Keep the safety distance

When you drive in a caravan, shops can get very close to the car in front of you and not leave enough space for emergency braking.

On the other hand, when there is a high traffic density, we must observe if there are horizontal double arrow signs on the road. It is very common in areas where high concentrations of cars occur, and where it is mandatory to increase the safety distance with the vehicle. It precedes you, beyond the next arrow.

Caution with the accordion effect

Withholdings on the road bring slowdowns, long detentions, but, in a moment, we can move to more than 80 km / h. This result is what is known as the accordion effect of a caravan: braking, stopping, speeding again, braking, prolonged stopping, and driving again.

As drivers, you must anticipate the events and stay tuned. You have to stop or perform sudden braking. In these cases, the safety distance is essential, but also maintain a moderate speed, given that you may stop again. In this sense, it can help you to know.

drive safely

Eye to lane changes

Sometimes nerves and despair make you forget, but you must be clear that no matter how much you move from one lane to another (and less abruptly and continuously), you will move faster. You (and your car) are part of the traffic jam. All you do is increase the chances of having an accident.

Keep calm

In a caravan, being calm and not despairing is key. Especially if you travel with children since you will transfer your nervousness to them, and you may enter a spiral without control. We remind you.

Schedule the trip

Nowadays, there are numerous applications (Google Maps itself that you almost certainly carry on your mobile, or even the), to know the schedules of lower traffic density and alternative routes. In this sense, remember that traffic jams not only pose more danger, take much longer to make a trip, increased nervousness and fatigue.

drive safely

And always

Always circulate with the post and with one. According to the height of the occupant, height will save you from a cervical sprain if you suffer a shock by reach.

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