How to Take Care of the Winter Tires

winter tires

Are vital elements is safety in a car? They are the ones that connect you directly to the asphalt, and therefore its condition has to be optimal at any time. In winter, with the low temperatures and the inclement weather, special attention must be paid, and special care must carry out. Then we tell you.


Soon we will find temperatures below zero degrees, and rain and snow can arrive. This result means that the road is in worse condition and that the tires have a tougher job. Therefore it is advisable to submit them to an exhaustive review. It is key that the tire is in good condition so that it can offer its maximum performance in any condition.

winter tires

Check pressure

To this topic now. The tire pressure has to be checked every so often at all times of the year. But that becomes more important in winter when low temperatures can cause the pressure to reduce considerably. Therefore, it must be checked at least once a month and always adhere to the pressures recommended by each manufacturer.

3mm depth

By law, all tires must have a depth greater than 1.6 millimeters in the drawing of the band. Otherwise, we will be seriously compromising security (the grip will be very bad), and the authorities could also find us. But in winter, this is even more important, and it recommended that the drawing of the tires have a depth greater than 3 millimeters, to improve the braking distance.

Wear chains

Bring chains the car is not mandatory. However, it becomes highly recommended in winter, when it can snow in some areas. Which can adjust to all types of use and budget? The important thing is for them to fulfill their function and prevent the car from skating. Without them, there will be times when some mountain roads cannot access, and with them on, the speed must moderate.

winter tires

Winter tires

We have already talked long and hard about them. These are special tires that have a greater grip with low temperatures and more severe weather conditions. They are indicated for areas with more extreme climates, becoming. Here they are not mandatory, but they recommended in the case that you. They are more expensive than conventional summer tires, but they are a good investment in safety.

Four season tires

If you do not believe that winter tires are necessary for your area, but do not trust the safety offered by summer tires, this will interest you. The tires Four Seasons (All-Season) bring together the advantages of both worlds with a. They can be mounted year-round, as they are indicated for areas with temperatures up to 40 degrees in summer and 20 degrees below zero in winter.

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