More Dynamic Led Headlights and Stylish: The 2020 Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10

The new Hyundai i10 will be released at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will show more “energetic and agile” lines according to the brand itself.

An official sketch of the upcoming Hyundai i10 2020 has just published. This urban car will live its premiere in society during the Frankfurt Motor Show next September. Like all sketches of this type, it is too stylized, and the real vehicle will not have the same dramatic and aggressive proportions.

That said, we gave a good idea of ​​his new “face.” The brand says it looks “energetic and agile,” and we are willing to agree.

Hyundai i10

The front of the new Hyundai i10 2020 incorporates a new bold grille design that includes circular fog lights at each corner. There are also angular air intakes at the ends of the bumper and new sharp optical groups.

“The new Hyundai i10 has a young and dynamic design that stands out in the segment A. Its wide front grille expresses a sporty character and incorporates daytime running lights. Thus continuing this characteristic of the i10’s heritage,” Hyundai described in a press release.

Hyundai i10 2020, the urban is modernized

The South Korean brand has confirmed that the new Hyundai i10 will load with advanced technologies. Such as Front Collision Prevention Assistance with a front radar sensor, Driver Attention Warning, and Serial Lane Maintenance Assistance System. The new urban car will also come with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging of smartphones, and a rearview camera.

The renewed Hyundai i10, in all likelihood, will be sold exclusively with a range of three and four-cylinder engines. One of which could be the 1.0 turbocharged T-GDI 1.0 with three hp 100 hp of the Hyundai i30 but could also be available in another version with 120 hp as in the new A-SUV, the atmospheric 1.2-liter and 83 hp and a 1.5-liter diesel CRDi and 90 hp, with  5-speed manual gearbox in gasoline and 6 relations in diesel or an optional CVT .

Hyundai i10

The new Hyundai i10 l will be in the second half of 2020 and is also wider, longer and lower, betting on a less vertical format than the current model. While the rear remains covered, it is only possible to see part of 5202 led headlight bulbs, the new model segment A Hyundai bet more natural style with a waistline. And it forms the gates completely new, like the tailgate with some light clusters equipped with LED technology. A set of the rear that follows the older brother’s style canon, the Hyundai i20.

The new Hyundai i10 will feature a modern interior, based on the Hyundai Venue SUV. It gives more prominence to the center console with a single touch screen and an info-entertainment system with the “Blue Link” platform.

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