New Hyundai Ioniq Arrived at the American Market With Its New Upgrade

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai begins in America the commercialization of the new Ioniq, which will be offered in a hybrid, plug-in and fully electric hybrid version.

The Hyundai Ioniq reached the different markets in 2016. That already seems far away, offered in a hybrid version, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric. The versatile ecological vehicle of the South Korean brand has managed to put more than 60,000 units on the roads. Now it’s time to renew, with new technology and a renewed aesthetic, which we can now enjoy in the American market.

The aesthetic changes of the new Hyundai Ioniq focus mainly on its front, and we can see a new grille. It will be closed for the electric version presenting a new specific design pattern. Something has also served to modify the bumper and give it a more refined air. A silver molding and details have been included in the area of ​​the daytime running lights located on the sides. The LED front optical group also offers a new look, as does the LED rear group along with the anthracite-colored moldings that have been added to the bumper.

Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai offered the Ioniq with a palette of five colors. Now add four new colors called Fluidic Metal, Electric Shadow, Liquid Sand, and Typhoon Silver. Besides, it should also be said that, for plug-in and fully electric hybrid versions, they will be available with 16-inch wheels that receive a new design.

In the interior, there are also changes in several sections, starting with the introduction of a new 10.25-inch touch screen for the infotainment and navigation system. That will be offered as an option, although as standard, it will already have a screen of 7 inches that has been improved. In addition, to give a more elegant touch, Hyundai has installed new Ioniq ambient lighting in blue for the bottom of the dashboard both on the passenger side and the center console.

As with the color of the body, Hyundai has also paid attention to the upholstery of the Ioniq seats. It will be offered as standard in Fossil Gray fabric, but optionally we can opt for the leather upholstery that will be offered in four different colors. Some of them exclusive to the chosen model: Fossil Gray, Shale Gray, Red Umber (only for the hybrid and plug-in hybrid), and Electric Shadow (only for the electric version).

Hyundai Ioniq
To all this, we must add the latest developments in systems and driving aids. Some of them included as standard the Hyundai SmartSense package as a frontal collision assistant with the detection of pedestrians. And cyclists, warning of driver fatigue, assistant of lane maintenance and long hid lights assistant. Optionally we will also have several systems available that finish is completing the series offer.

But as we had previously mentioned, the most important change may be found in the electric version of the Ioniq. But not precisely in its 136 hp and 295 Nm electric motor, but in its battery that now becomes 38.3 kWh, which translates into 36% more capacity and autonomy that increases to 311 km. Its standard built-in charger now becomes 7.2 kW for Type 2 AC charging, which means that in a 100 kW fast-charging station we can recharge up to 80% of the battery capacity in 54 minutes.

On the other hand, both in the hybrid and plug-in hybrid version, we will find a 1,600 CC gasoline engine that delivers 105 hp. It associated with an electric motor with 43.5 hp power, which translates into a combined power of 141 HP and a torque of 265 m.N, associated with a sports transmission with a double-clutch and six gears.

As I said, the three versions of the Hyundai Ioniq are already available for the American market. With a price starting at 22,845 dollars for the hybrid version, from 30,025 dollars for the plug-in hybrid version and from 34,375 dollars for the full version power.

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