New Hyundai Venue SUV Will Expands Its SUV Family


The Hyundai Venue, the new compact SUV of the Korean brand, will finally jump over the puddle and become a global model to reach more markets.

It seems incredible that there is still some gap to explode within the SUV segment. But it looks even more when we see how brands do not cease to release new models. An example of this is in Hyundai, where the Korean brand will expand its offer with the new Venue, a compact-sized SUV that will fall below the Kona within the brand’s scale.


Under the urban vibes concept comes the new Hyundai Venue, a model that will target the younger audience. It not only for aesthetics but also for being a vehicle. That created to move in the city, like a fish in the water, although it will not detract the ability to get out. The Hyundai Venue had as its primary objective the USA market. But the brand seems to be clear that this model will succeed in other markets, hence through a spectacular video, they show it and announce it as a global model.

In the video, the Hyundai Venue arrives by air inside a Lockheed C-130 Hercules heading to the Inyokern airport in California. While the rest of the Hyundai SUV range approaches by land, being able to see the Kona, NEXO, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Palisade together. Once on the ground, everyone receives him, and they step aside until they reach the largest of the family. The Palisade seems to challenge him before letting him be part of it and then all together accompany him on his arrival in the city.

As in the video, once the Hyundai Venue arrives in our cities and roads, we will find an SUV of small measures, with 4,030 mm in length, 1,770 mm in width, and 1,560 mm in height. That is not far from the attractive design; we could already see in his sketches. Precisely this will be its great asset, an elegant and youthful design capable of attracting the youngest audience. It will also have an excellent capacity for customization so that each client can give their personal touch.


The interior in two shades will be simple, perhaps with too much abuse of hard plastics. But with a clean design, chair in the center console by a touch screen from which we will operate the infotainment system and other functions. In the instrument cluster, we will have another color TFT screen that will show the most critical information to the driver. With capacity for five people, you will have to see with more data in your hand, as will be your comfort. The trunk with 306 liters capacity will fulfill its function.

At the moment, we do not know which mechanics Hyundai has chosen for the Venue in America. We will have to wait a little longer to know them, although everything indicates that the gasoline engines will be the protagonists. What you do know is that the Hyundai Venue will arrive in these next months of 2019 to the different markets.

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