Tips to Fix the Car Mirrors Correctly

car mirror

Going through roads and roads without suffering shocks or bulky blows, that is, with absolute normality and safety, is produced thanks to the wide capacity that the eye has when interpreting the light rays that reach the eye. With time, this sense is diminishing its optimum quality, so revising it is postulated as one of the unbreakable commandments. And it is that the vision in the driving as well as being inspected has to correct position.

And it is that thanks to them, we can enjoy full driving taking under control the actions that others perform on the asphalt. In this way, if we want to join a highway before exercising, we must see if other vehicles are traveling on that lane, how many there are, the speed at which they circulate if they decide to give you the step. Starting from the data obtained by observing by the mirrors, we will signal our actions and take appropriate measures following the RSM (Rearview-Signaling-Maneuver) rule, as reported by the General Traffic Directorate.

The rule is directly proportional since the more information we have, the more decisions – and better – we can make since we must never forget that we are not normally alone on the road. If we lose sight of this rule, things may get complicated on the road, and you end up having an accident or that others have to take risky measures not to reach you. Let’s avoid unnecessary scares!

The correct placement of the mirrors helps to drive in a fluid, relaxed, and even economical way everything is under control! And, also, predicting what is happening around us avoids acceleration and braking, driving movements that lead to an increase in the risk of accidents and to increase the average consumption of each deposit. Properly using the mirrors reports extensive benefits, but how are they placed?

car mirror


The first rule to follow is the perfect adjustment of the mirrors before moving the car from the parking place since this is a fatal distraction, in addition to being prohibited, and traffic guards can fine you for it.

The second has to do with the position of the seat since it must longitudinally locate. The back has to remain fully supported on the backrest allowing the left foot to exert the entire clutch path. The trunk has to be in a comfortable position where it allows the arms to slightly bent before the steering wheel grip.

Now that all the elements that influence when driving retain the correct posture, it is time to focus on the rear-view mirrors. The central, that element that welcomes the air fresheners, is the most forgotten despite being the easiest to place. And it is only necessary to place it centered through the rear window so that thanks to it we can observe the vehicles that come just behind us and that have the intention of passing us.

The maneuver will begin to be seen through the said mirror and then transfer the control to the sides. Since at the moment the car disappears from the rear, it will mark the beginning of the angle of the other mirrors that are positioned just in the place that is no longer perceived. We will gain breadth in the car.

The external mirrors, although they have taught us that the side of the body of our car should see through them, we must take this indication with caution. And it is that when performing this action we are removing a certain degree of the visible angle on the sides of the vehicle, that is, the famous dead angle will occur.

car mirror

Reduce the blind angle

The angle of view of the mirrors should be located at a medium height, thinking of a flat and horizontal world were to aim at the horizon. Besides, seeing the body of our car, we should open the mirrors until we see as little as possible our own body at the inner end.

And it is that one of the biggest obstacles that drivers must overcome is the dreaded dead angle, space that we cannot observe because it fails to complete the vision offered by the mirrors and our peripheral side view. If we drive in a straight line, there is no problem as long as the trajectories of other cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles do not converge with our lateral displacement or change of direction.

Although it cannot be quantified, the use of side mirrors with greater magnification of the viewing angle considerably reduces the risk of being involved in one of these circumstances. A European Commission report estimates that 56% of the accidents suffered by cyclists or motorcyclists were due to the right side turn of a heavy vehicle, and 40% of them could have avoided with a rear-view mirror with a greater field of vision.

To expand the knowledge of how to adjust the mirrors of your car, we show you below a video that shows the essential keys. Eye vizor drivers!

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