What to Do if the Car’s Brakes Squeak

car's brakes

One of the most primary and important forms of diagnosis at the same time is the ear. Many times car failures manifested through noises that were unusual during normal operation. And there is a noise that most drivers will know because I have ever heard it: the car brakes when they squeak. This result can be cause for immediate alarm, so we will tell you the reasons that squeak can cause the brakes.

In this case, if the noise ignored and the pad continues to wear to the end, the disc would also be in danger of serious damage. Another reason for the appearance of squeaking in the brakes is the state of the disc itself if they are very worn.

car's brakes
Little use or neglect can also be an enemy. The moisture and dirt (dust or metallic particles follows the tablet) can be another reason for which the brakes squeal. This result can make the performance lower and the braking temperature higher. You could even give the ‘crystallized’ of the tablets when a thin layer formed. As a result of the smelting of dirt, it causes it to lose its properties.

Exposing the car to many strong brakes at once is not good and can cause fatigue in the braking system. Due to this, high temperatures will also reach, and what has said can happen. It is very important a good cooling of the brakes and a team according to the needs of the car.

car's brakes
But not always the squeak of the brakes means something bad. A lot of heat generated during the braking process due to friction, and that heat causes some tiny vibrations that dissipate in the braking system and emit noise when doing so. This type of squeak is not a bad symptom, according to Porsche, which also blames it for the large size of its discs and pads. A greater friction surface causes more vibrations and more noise.

Note that these squeaks appear mainly at low speeds and do not affect the performance of the brakes. The same could apply to some competition braking systems that tend to squeak more due to the compounds used.

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