Can I Press the Clutch When Starting the Car

the clutch

Some doubts that have arisen since time immemorial need to step on the clutch when starting the engine. Probably the easy answer would be yes. It highly recommended doing so in case there is a march. But it will also be convenient to do it for other reasons for more weight that could even avoid possible problems both in the starter motor and in the car battery.

When starting the vehicle, we have a series of systems that will come into play to perform this function. On the one hand, there is the engine responsible for generating that energy necessary to move. On the other side, one of those responsible for the power to reach the wheels. Between these two elements is the: is responsible for interrupting or transmitting the engine action to the gearbox.

the clutch

In the particular case of starting the vehicle, we will also have to take into account other systems. The starter is an electric motor that comes into operation when we turn the key or press the button of our car. At that same time, the starter motor will couple to the flywheel. It is a gear wheel connected to the engine and against the clutch acts.

In this way, the starter will start to turn and will, in turn, drive the combustion engine when air and fuel enter the cylinders. After starting and while the key returns to its initial position, the starter motor disengages from the flywheel. After analyzing the timing of the start and the systems that influence it, we will see the advantages of stepping on the clutch.

If we start the vehicle without stepping on the clutch (always in neutral), we will be subjecting the starter to the unnecessary effort. This result is because you have to drag the gears of the primary shaft of the gearbox. Even if we don’t have any gear on, the engine movement reaches the input shaft of the gearbox, and that could cause problems, especially with the cold engine.

the clutch

The oil that bathes the gears of the gearbox and that is known as valvular is very dense. With the cold, the viscosity increases, and removing oil with the electric motor is an effort. That eliminated with a gesture as simple as that of stepping on the clutch at the time of starting. And there will be another logical explanation for the use of the left pedal in this maneuver.

Although the starter can start the thermal engine, it can also show signs of fatigue if we do not use it correctly. If we put it under stress, we will also be consuming battery power. Therefore, we must not keep the starter running for more than four seconds, even when the car does not start. In that case, it is best to wait a few seconds before trying again so that the battery has a recovery time.

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