What is the Xenon Headlight

xenon headlight

Even people don’t know how to drive have had to at least hear about the xenon and bi-xenon projector headlights. Basic terms in the encyclopedia of

The xenon headlights first emerged in the market following Osram, one of the largest manufacturers of lights in the world. It was 1991, and BMW incorporated this type of light in its Series 7. However, initially only oriented for the low lights.

Its mechanism consists of light bulbs whose interior contains xenon gas.  This result allows them to turn on at a very high temperature produced by the electricity of the ignition voltage. Therefore, it is a plasma lamp designed and manufactured to withstand strong pressure and temperature.

xenon headllight

What advantages do xenon headlights have compared to halogens?

– Greater brightness.  This bright means greater safety in night driving and can anticipate faster any unforeseen on the road. That is, we gain more reaction capacity.

-They have a longer life.  A xenon bulb can have a lifespan 100% higher than a halogen.

– They consume less energy. This result is because not depending on a filament but the high-pressure gas that activates the electric current, less power is lost than in the case of traditional halogen light.

What disadvantages do they have?

– Complex substitution. In other words, you will need a specialist in case you have to. Likewise, the cost of replacing, repairing, or maintaining it is significantly higher compared to the case of the halogen lights mentioned.

-Risk of glare. Given its light strength, it can be dangerous for road users, especially if it is a two-way one. Fortunately, most manufacturers have already partially solved this problem with automatic height adjustment systems.

-Your ignition is not entirely immediate. However, it can take as long as three seconds before reaching its maximum light capacity.

What are bi-xenon headlights? What is the difference with xenon headlights?

Bi-xenon headlamps, as such, are not a type of headlamp apart from xenon headlamps, as in the case of halogens. But a car that equips xenon headlights supposes that it will only have this type of light in the shorts while the long ones will have the conventional lighting system.

For its part, bi-xenon headlights will activate this light technology in both long and short lights.

xenon headllight

Are LED headlights better than xenon?

The answer is quite relative. As for the LEDs, some defend they spend a lot of money on a total system. Others did not convince by their lighting.

The main characteristic of them lies in their efficiency and is that it consumes less energy than xenon and much less than halogens.

But if, for example, you have LED bulbs in your house, you may have noticed two important things. The first is that its lighting is not spectacular either, and in case it is, the light bulb is burning.

In LED headlights this happens, so that the lighting is considerable; the lights reach very high temperatures.

As for the concentration of the light, the LED headlights emit it much more dispersed than the xenon, something optimal in a curve that also protects against possible glare. But unlike the xenons that concentrate the light more deeply, we lose sight of the horizon.

Some experts in car lighting elements such as Audioledcar, recommend betting on xenon headlights in this case.

This result due to its greater scope, since the LED system only, without a laser system, will become obsolete.

xenon headllight

How do I change halogen headlights to xenon?

The first thing you will have to do is buy a light kit. It is best to be advised by the vehicle manufacturer or an official workshop to save you trouble on the road.

This way, you will avoid the disgust of buying headlights not approved for your car. Once the kit installed, there is still a step to complete.

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