LEDs and Automotive Lighting Applications

In the Automotive sector, LED car headlights are revolutionizing the performance and appearance of car headlights. Led conversion kit replaces the original high beam and low beam bulbs. In many cases, the aftermarket LED conversion kit can be mounted by simply replacing the original halogen bulbs. On some cars, however, the CANbus system may not recognize them and give a light bulb warning. In this case, an interface unit with the onboard CAN-BUS system and an additional resistance must install. Each bulb has its control unit, which can be housed in the rear part of the light or fixed externally.

Daytime Running Lights

The application of LEDs in the car allows significant savings in electricity with the same light emitted, with beneficial effects on fuel consumption. Initially used for daytime running lights, LEDs for automotive on average have a color temperature of 5700 K, very close to that of solar lighting at noon. In essence, this feature allows the driver a sharper view of the surrounding environment with less eye strain.

Car headlights

Regard to the LEDs for car headlight, they significantly improve night visibility. In fact, unlike the aftermarket Xeno kits, which require special projectors to focus the light beam, we have shown that the LED headlights install with 9006 led bulb do not dazzle the drivers coming in the opposite direction. Even using them on the “classic” headlights, they are properly adjusted.

The beam of light emitted is perfectly “cut” even better than traditional halogen bulbs, resulting completely “spread” on the ground. The LEDs fitted as standard on new cars. The car manufacturers have developed interesting solutions in the field of “intelligent” LED lights. We can see the most innovative that are available on new cars as original equipment.

They are composed of a rather compact group of light diodes, better known as LEDs. The characteristic that differentiates them is that of emitting spontaneous light when crossed by the current when they used for front and rear lights, position lights, interior lights. The license plate would light up if the LED lights are present in both the high beam and the low beam.

Halogen vs. Xenon vs. LED

Among the car headlights, the choice is really wide. In addition to the new, more affordable LED headlights, the market offers several possibilities. The two alternatives to LED can be halogen headlights and Xenon bulbs. Both of them offer different types of lighting, with different prices and different features.

The headlights most used on cars are halogen bulbs. Halogen bulb could be called ‘standard.’ They are filament bulbs that remind us of what we used to use at home like light bulbs.

The second headlight option is the Xenon model, which is one of the latest technologies released. Inside there are two electrodes. The inserted xenon gas will project a beam of light when heated by the electrodes. The light they project has very high power. The white light is often tending towards blue. They have a much longer duration than the halogen bulb while consumption reduced. The disadvantage is the price, which is significantly higher than the other two.

The LED headlights project a high power light beam. The typically white light beam is more powerful than the Xenon beam. The led headlight has less watt than halogens; the price is less high than Xenon headlights.

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The Pros and Cons of Led Headlight in Car

led headlight

Halogen bulbs are probably the cheapest option for your car headlight. Although they are inexpensive to replace, they only have a short lifespan, especially if you want to increase the light output and choose high-performance halogen bulbs.

Some LED bulbs fit into common fixtures of halogen bulbs, such as H4, H7, or some h1 led bulbs. That is a good, inexpensive, and quick solution. But you should know that the light distribution in such solutions is often very different from the original lighting. Furthermore, glare and thus a danger to other road users did not exclude.

led headlight

LEDs can generate a crisp light, which can be particularly important in traffic. Xenon has a major disadvantage because this light was often so bright that it could blind other drivers. This result is not the case with LEDs. In the end, the price-performance ratio should also note again. The LEDs are far ahead of all other car headlights. It is therefore not surprising that led headlight is used more and more frequently and practically takes over the market bit by bit. Overview of the advantages of LED:

– LED lights have an extremely long lifespan
– They offer a high level of reliability because, as a rule, there can be no total failure.
– You only need a small amount of space
– LEDs have a quick switch-on behavior (0.001 seconds) and therefore offer instantaneous switch-on and switch-off. A valuable time when it comes to braking but also blinking. This result can shorten the braking distance of the person behind.
– Depending on the function, LEDs require up to 80 percent less energy.
– They offer high energy efficiency.
– LEDs offer extended design options.

led headlight

But one additional question raised. The disadvantages of LEDs. Do these exist? Are there any disadvantages compared to xenon or halogen headlights?

It has already clarified that LEDs have significant advantages over xenon or halogen headlights. But some LEDs also have disadvantages. Depending on the led light source, LEDs may not be able to produce particularly strong light. It means that the range can be limited depending on the headlight. However, the advantages of LED lights outweigh the disadvantages. Not least because of this, more and more large manufacturers are choosing led headlights instead of any other. And that speaks for itself.

Bulb durability and resistance

The main factor that informs us of the durability of a light bulb is its useful life. In some models, this life is measured in hours, understanding the total driving duration as such, while in other models, we informed of the duration in kilometers.

It is convenient to standardize the measure or at least know what type of duration it refers to. However, in general terms, we can affirm that conventional halogen lights are those that have the shortest useful life in use. This durability increased in part in xenon lights, which also improve the lighting system of the product.

Tips to Fix the Car Mirrors Correctly

car mirror

Going through roads and roads without suffering shocks or bulky blows, that is, with absolute normality and safety, is produced thanks to the wide capacity that the eye has when interpreting the light rays that reach the eye. With time, this sense is diminishing its optimum quality, so revising it is postulated as one of the unbreakable commandments. And it is that the vision in the driving as well as being inspected has to correct position.

And it is that thanks to them, we can enjoy full driving taking under control the actions that others perform on the asphalt. In this way, if we want to join a highway before exercising, we must see if other vehicles are traveling on that lane, how many there are, the speed at which they circulate if they decide to give you the step. Starting from the data obtained by observing by the mirrors, we will signal our actions and take appropriate measures following the RSM (Rearview-Signaling-Maneuver) rule, as reported by the General Traffic Directorate.

The rule is directly proportional since the more information we have, the more decisions – and better – we can make since we must never forget that we are not normally alone on the road. If we lose sight of this rule, things may get complicated on the road, and you end up having an accident or that others have to take risky measures not to reach you. Let’s avoid unnecessary scares!

The correct placement of the mirrors helps to drive in a fluid, relaxed, and even economical way everything is under control! And, also, predicting what is happening around us avoids acceleration and braking, driving movements that lead to an increase in the risk of accidents and to increase the average consumption of each deposit. Properly using the mirrors reports extensive benefits, but how are they placed?

car mirror


The first rule to follow is the perfect adjustment of the mirrors before moving the car from the parking place since this is a fatal distraction, in addition to being prohibited, and traffic guards can fine you for it.

The second has to do with the position of the seat since it must longitudinally locate. The back has to remain fully supported on the backrest allowing the left foot to exert the entire clutch path. The trunk has to be in a comfortable position where it allows the arms to slightly bent before the steering wheel grip.

Now that all the elements that influence when driving retain the correct posture, it is time to focus on the rear-view mirrors. The central, that element that welcomes the air fresheners, is the most forgotten despite being the easiest to place. And it is only necessary to place it centered through the rear window so that thanks to it we can observe the vehicles that come just behind us and that have the intention of passing us.

The maneuver will begin to be seen through the said mirror and then transfer the control to the sides. Since at the moment the car disappears from the rear, it will mark the beginning of the angle of the other mirrors that are positioned just in the place that is no longer perceived. We will gain breadth in the car.

The external mirrors, although they have taught us that the side of the body of our car should see through them, we must take this indication with caution. And it is that when performing this action we are removing a certain degree of the visible angle on the sides of the vehicle, that is, the famous dead angle will occur.

car mirror

Reduce the blind angle

The angle of view of the mirrors should be located at a medium height, thinking of a flat and horizontal world were to aim at the horizon. Besides, seeing the body of our car, we should open the mirrors until we see as little as possible our own body at the inner end.

And it is that one of the biggest obstacles that drivers must overcome is the dreaded dead angle, space that we cannot observe because it fails to complete the vision offered by the mirrors and our peripheral side view. If we drive in a straight line, there is no problem as long as the trajectories of other cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles do not converge with our lateral displacement or change of direction.

Although it cannot be quantified, the use of side mirrors with greater magnification of the viewing angle considerably reduces the risk of being involved in one of these circumstances. A European Commission report estimates that 56% of the accidents suffered by cyclists or motorcyclists were due to the right side turn of a heavy vehicle, and 40% of them could have avoided with a rear-view mirror with a greater field of vision.

To expand the knowledge of how to adjust the mirrors of your car, we show you below a video that shows the essential keys. Eye vizor drivers!

How to Take Care of the Winter Tires

winter tires

Are vital elements is safety in a car? They are the ones that connect you directly to the asphalt, and therefore its condition has to be optimal at any time. In winter, with the low temperatures and the inclement weather, special attention must be paid, and special care must carry out. Then we tell you.


Soon we will find temperatures below zero degrees, and rain and snow can arrive. This result means that the road is in worse condition and that the tires have a tougher job. Therefore it is advisable to submit them to an exhaustive review. It is key that the tire is in good condition so that it can offer its maximum performance in any condition.

winter tires

Check pressure

To this topic now. The tire pressure has to be checked every so often at all times of the year. But that becomes more important in winter when low temperatures can cause the pressure to reduce considerably. Therefore, it must be checked at least once a month and always adhere to the pressures recommended by each manufacturer.

3mm depth

By law, all tires must have a depth greater than 1.6 millimeters in the drawing of the band. Otherwise, we will be seriously compromising security (the grip will be very bad), and the authorities could also find us. But in winter, this is even more important, and it recommended that the drawing of the tires have a depth greater than 3 millimeters, to improve the braking distance.

Wear chains

Bring chains the car is not mandatory. However, it becomes highly recommended in winter, when it can snow in some areas. Which can adjust to all types of use and budget? The important thing is for them to fulfill their function and prevent the car from skating. Without them, there will be times when some mountain roads cannot access, and with them on, the speed must moderate.

winter tires

Winter tires

We have already talked long and hard about them. These are special tires that have a greater grip with low temperatures and more severe weather conditions. They are indicated for areas with more extreme climates, becoming. Here they are not mandatory, but they recommended in the case that you. They are more expensive than conventional summer tires, but they are a good investment in safety.

Four season tires

If you do not believe that winter tires are necessary for your area, but do not trust the safety offered by summer tires, this will interest you. The tires Four Seasons (All-Season) bring together the advantages of both worlds with a. They can be mounted year-round, as they are indicated for areas with temperatures up to 40 degrees in summer and 20 degrees below zero in winter.

How to Drive Safely at Night

drive safely at night

The 42% of the traffic accidents occur at night, a figure showing the risks involved when circulating during this time slot, decreasing your visual perception. We tell you the basic rules for driving at night with comfort and safety.

It would help if you kept in mind that you receive 90% of the traffic information through your view: for the luminous sensation, visual acuity, and the ability to recognize colors. These three processes are disturbed at night since the sight and the brain subjected to greater effort to be able to act quickly and effectively in any situation.

drive safely at night

Also, there are other risks when driving at night. In addition to losing visual acuity and decreasing your field of vision, darkness can hide dangers that are visible in daylight, so you have to move with greater caution. The appearance of tiredness and fatigue occurs mainly between 4 and 6 in the morning when our alert level drops. And there are a greater number of drivers who have abused alcohol in this time slot.

Nevertheless, some people prefer to drive at night because of the lower traffic density, to drive more relaxed, and to maintain a higher speed. For that you have to be in good physical and psychological condition (without fatigue or ailments), the vehicle must be in good condition, and the trip must plan in time: know the itinerary well, the location of the rest areas, the weather conditions, the state of the roads, etc.

drive safely at night

The ten rules to remember if you drive at night, compiled by the European Car Club are:

1. Reduce speed: You have to be able to stop the vehicle within the headlight housing lighting field completely. On the road, the maximum recommended speed is 90 kilometers per hour.

2. Maintain the safety distance: It must not be less than three seconds with the preceding vehicle.

3. Increase the frequency of looking at the mirrors: At least, you should look every ten seconds.

4. Increase the frequency of stops: You must stop to rest your legs and clean the glass well so as not to obstruct your vision.

5. At dusk, turn on the low beam: At the first sign of poor vision, turn on the lights. It is key to know.

6. Stop if symptoms of fatigue appear: Take any food or energy drink.

7. Stop if symptoms of drowsiness appear: Rest for about 20 minutes and drink some coffee or stimulant drink. If you are very tired, do not hesitate to sleep something.

8. Use the long lights if possible: On roads where there is no possibility to dazzle other vehicles, use the long lights instead of the crossing lights, thus increasing your nighttime perception.

9. Remove the long lights in overtaking: So that there are no risks of glare, if you cross with another vehicle, you must remove the long lights and put the crossing lights.

10. Reduce the intensity of the instrument panel light: The more light inside, the worse it looks outside.

What is the Xenon Headlight

xenon headlight

Even people don’t know how to drive have had to at least hear about the xenon and bi-xenon projector headlights. Basic terms in the encyclopedia of

The xenon headlights first emerged in the market following Osram, one of the largest manufacturers of lights in the world. It was 1991, and BMW incorporated this type of light in its Series 7. However, initially only oriented for the low lights.

Its mechanism consists of light bulbs whose interior contains xenon gas.  This result allows them to turn on at a very high temperature produced by the electricity of the ignition voltage. Therefore, it is a plasma lamp designed and manufactured to withstand strong pressure and temperature.

xenon headllight

What advantages do xenon headlights have compared to halogens?

– Greater brightness.  This bright means greater safety in night driving and can anticipate faster any unforeseen on the road. That is, we gain more reaction capacity.

-They have a longer life.  A xenon bulb can have a lifespan 100% higher than a halogen.

– They consume less energy. This result is because not depending on a filament but the high-pressure gas that activates the electric current, less power is lost than in the case of traditional halogen light.

What disadvantages do they have?

– Complex substitution. In other words, you will need a specialist in case you have to. Likewise, the cost of replacing, repairing, or maintaining it is significantly higher compared to the case of the halogen lights mentioned.

-Risk of glare. Given its light strength, it can be dangerous for road users, especially if it is a two-way one. Fortunately, most manufacturers have already partially solved this problem with automatic height adjustment systems.

-Your ignition is not entirely immediate. However, it can take as long as three seconds before reaching its maximum light capacity.

What are bi-xenon headlights? What is the difference with xenon headlights?

Bi-xenon headlamps, as such, are not a type of headlamp apart from xenon headlamps, as in the case of halogens. But a car that equips xenon headlights supposes that it will only have this type of light in the shorts while the long ones will have the conventional lighting system.

For its part, bi-xenon headlights will activate this light technology in both long and short lights.

xenon headllight

Are LED headlights better than xenon?

The answer is quite relative. As for the LEDs, some defend they spend a lot of money on a total system. Others did not convince by their lighting.

The main characteristic of them lies in their efficiency and is that it consumes less energy than xenon and much less than halogens.

But if, for example, you have LED bulbs in your house, you may have noticed two important things. The first is that its lighting is not spectacular either, and in case it is, the light bulb is burning.

In LED headlights this happens, so that the lighting is considerable; the lights reach very high temperatures.

As for the concentration of the light, the LED headlights emit it much more dispersed than the xenon, something optimal in a curve that also protects against possible glare. But unlike the xenons that concentrate the light more deeply, we lose sight of the horizon.

Some experts in car lighting elements such as Audioledcar, recommend betting on xenon headlights in this case.

This result due to its greater scope, since the LED system only, without a laser system, will become obsolete.

xenon headllight

How do I change halogen headlights to xenon?

The first thing you will have to do is buy a light kit. It is best to be advised by the vehicle manufacturer or an official workshop to save you trouble on the road.

This way, you will avoid the disgust of buying headlights not approved for your car. Once the kit installed, there is still a step to complete.

How to Drive Safely in a Traffic Jam

drive safely

Now that one of the times of the year with greater traffic density is approaching, we want to remind you how to drive when we go by caravan to avoid accidents by range. They are much more common than you think because, in 2016, they accounted for 24.5% of the claims that occurred in Spain.

Luckily, it is not a type of accident that stands out for its mortality, since it accounts for 10% of those killed. Of course, these crashes produce the greatest number of minor injuries (such as whiplash ), so we must not forget to take certain precautions while the cars do not have a driving assistant in traffic jams that allows the car to move forward and stop alone.

There are so many displacements that occur these days that it is almost inevitable that there will be retentions in some areas, such as when leaving the cities or on the way to holiday areas due to recency, such as beaches. These are the basic behaviors to consider when driving with your vehicle on hold.

drive safely

Keep the safety distance

When you drive in a caravan, shops can get very close to the car in front of you and not leave enough space for emergency braking.

On the other hand, when there is a high traffic density, we must observe if there are horizontal double arrow signs on the road. It is very common in areas where high concentrations of cars occur, and where it is mandatory to increase the safety distance with the vehicle. It precedes you, beyond the next arrow.

Caution with the accordion effect

Withholdings on the road bring slowdowns, long detentions, but, in a moment, we can move to more than 80 km / h. This result is what is known as the accordion effect of a caravan: braking, stopping, speeding again, braking, prolonged stopping, and driving again.

As drivers, you must anticipate the events and stay tuned. You have to stop or perform sudden braking. In these cases, the safety distance is essential, but also maintain a moderate speed, given that you may stop again. In this sense, it can help you to know.

drive safely

Eye to lane changes

Sometimes nerves and despair make you forget, but you must be clear that no matter how much you move from one lane to another (and less abruptly and continuously), you will move faster. You (and your car) are part of the traffic jam. All you do is increase the chances of having an accident.

Keep calm

In a caravan, being calm and not despairing is key. Especially if you travel with children since you will transfer your nervousness to them, and you may enter a spiral without control. We remind you.

Schedule the trip

Nowadays, there are numerous applications (Google Maps itself that you almost certainly carry on your mobile, or even the), to know the schedules of lower traffic density and alternative routes. In this sense, remember that traffic jams not only pose more danger, take much longer to make a trip, increased nervousness and fatigue.

drive safely

And always

Always circulate with the post and with one. According to the height of the occupant, height will save you from a cervical sprain if you suffer a shock by reach.

Can I Press the Clutch When Starting the Car

the clutch

Some doubts that have arisen since time immemorial need to step on the clutch when starting the engine. Probably the easy answer would be yes. It highly recommended doing so in case there is a march. But it will also be convenient to do it for other reasons for more weight that could even avoid possible problems both in the starter motor and in the car battery.

When starting the vehicle, we have a series of systems that will come into play to perform this function. On the one hand, there is the engine responsible for generating that energy necessary to move. On the other side, one of those responsible for the power to reach the wheels. Between these two elements is the: is responsible for interrupting or transmitting the engine action to the gearbox.

the clutch

In the particular case of starting the vehicle, we will also have to take into account other systems. The starter is an electric motor that comes into operation when we turn the key or press the button of our car. At that same time, the starter motor will couple to the flywheel. It is a gear wheel connected to the engine and against the clutch acts.

In this way, the starter will start to turn and will, in turn, drive the combustion engine when air and fuel enter the cylinders. After starting and while the key returns to its initial position, the starter motor disengages from the flywheel. After analyzing the timing of the start and the systems that influence it, we will see the advantages of stepping on the clutch.

If we start the vehicle without stepping on the clutch (always in neutral), we will be subjecting the starter to the unnecessary effort. This result is because you have to drag the gears of the primary shaft of the gearbox. Even if we don’t have any gear on, the engine movement reaches the input shaft of the gearbox, and that could cause problems, especially with the cold engine.

the clutch

The oil that bathes the gears of the gearbox and that is known as valvular is very dense. With the cold, the viscosity increases, and removing oil with the electric motor is an effort. That eliminated with a gesture as simple as that of stepping on the clutch at the time of starting. And there will be another logical explanation for the use of the left pedal in this maneuver.

Although the starter can start the thermal engine, it can also show signs of fatigue if we do not use it correctly. If we put it under stress, we will also be consuming battery power. Therefore, we must not keep the starter running for more than four seconds, even when the car does not start. In that case, it is best to wait a few seconds before trying again so that the battery has a recovery time.

What to Do if the Car’s Brakes Squeak

car's brakes

One of the most primary and important forms of diagnosis at the same time is the ear. Many times car failures manifested through noises that were unusual during normal operation. And there is a noise that most drivers will know because I have ever heard it: the car brakes when they squeak. This result can be cause for immediate alarm, so we will tell you the reasons that squeak can cause the brakes.

In this case, if the noise ignored and the pad continues to wear to the end, the disc would also be in danger of serious damage. Another reason for the appearance of squeaking in the brakes is the state of the disc itself if they are very worn.

car's brakes
Little use or neglect can also be an enemy. The moisture and dirt (dust or metallic particles follows the tablet) can be another reason for which the brakes squeal. This result can make the performance lower and the braking temperature higher. You could even give the ‘crystallized’ of the tablets when a thin layer formed. As a result of the smelting of dirt, it causes it to lose its properties.

Exposing the car to many strong brakes at once is not good and can cause fatigue in the braking system. Due to this, high temperatures will also reach, and what has said can happen. It is very important a good cooling of the brakes and a team according to the needs of the car.

car's brakes
But not always the squeak of the brakes means something bad. A lot of heat generated during the braking process due to friction, and that heat causes some tiny vibrations that dissipate in the braking system and emit noise when doing so. This type of squeak is not a bad symptom, according to Porsche, which also blames it for the large size of its discs and pads. A greater friction surface causes more vibrations and more noise.

Note that these squeaks appear mainly at low speeds and do not affect the performance of the brakes. The same could apply to some competition braking systems that tend to squeak more due to the compounds used.

When and How to Change the Car Filters

car filters

Car filters are vital elements, one of the main keys. They must change under a series of patterns and periodicity that ensure their basic operation and continue performing their function properly because they are responsible for preventing all kinds of impurities from coming to the engine. Also, its price is relatively low, and the consequences of not changing them can be notable.

Air filter

Some time ago, we commented on the importance of, especially in the changes of the seasonal season. It is an important part of the engine, as it is at stake if dirt enters inside or not. There is a fact that is crucial. We must take into account in which environment we move with the car, that is, it is not the same to circulate in the city than in the countryside, so that air pollution or dust from the earth, is directly influential factors in life filter useful.

It is capable of channeling up to 540,000 liters of air per hour, so its maintenance has to be exemplary. Generally, it recommended to change it every two revisions, but we must take these aspects into account if we want it to work properly. The most advisable thing is that every time a review finished, check the condition of the filter and see that all the fibers are in perfect condition, and are not covered by any dirt that leaves them as if they were sandpaper.

Oil filter

He is the one who collects the impurities that circulate through the bowels of the engine. It is responsible for keeping it clean, as well as preventing any metal chips that can damage the internal materials of the engine. If this filter is in poor condition, these elements are circulating through the engine, and the mechanics will reduce its performance and may suffer other symptoms such as increased fuel consumption or reduced service life.

Normally, many owners decide to lengthen the waiting for a couple of thousand miles more. We already know that the readers of the autos.com news portal do not make such mistakes. However, it is necessary to influence the importance of changing the oil filter in due course. It is best to change it every time the engine oil replaced since it is a very cheap component and can save us more of a dislike.

car filters

Fuel filter

The fuel filter is the one between the fuel tank and the injection ramps housed in the engine. Its job is to retain impurities derived from fuels so that they do not interfere with the flow of fuel.

In many cases, the vehicle may malfunction due to the influences of the poor condition of the filter. It can incur gas losses, as well as increased fuel consumption. However, in the case of diesel vehicles, the filter is of greater importance, since it houses the humidity generated by this type of fuel, so its useful life is shorter.

A change of the gasoline filter usually recommended every 60,000 kilometers, although we recommend doing so before, over 40,000 kilometers. On the contrary, in the case of diesel, it would be advisable to replace it every 30,000 kilometers with the premature damages that moisture can generate.

Cabin Filter

The cabin filter is responsible for not only preventing the entry of dirt inside but also safeguarding the health of the occupants with the retention of any contaminating material, such as the particles that give off diesel.

In its day, the best time to change it is in the spring season to eliminate any trace of dirt and mold that has accumulated in autumn and winter. The best option is to use a filter that is active carbon, as these retain more dirt and last longer.

Our recommendation is to change once a year, or at least every 10,000 km, especially if the usual passengers are children or the elderly.

New Hyundai Ioniq Arrived at the American Market With Its New Upgrade

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai begins in America the commercialization of the new Ioniq, which will be offered in a hybrid, plug-in and fully electric hybrid version.

The Hyundai Ioniq reached the different markets in 2016. That already seems far away, offered in a hybrid version, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric. The versatile ecological vehicle of the South Korean brand has managed to put more than 60,000 units on the roads. Now it’s time to renew, with new technology and a renewed aesthetic, which we can now enjoy in the American market.

The aesthetic changes of the new Hyundai Ioniq focus mainly on its front, and we can see a new grille. It will be closed for the electric version presenting a new specific design pattern. Something has also served to modify the bumper and give it a more refined air. A silver molding and details have been included in the area of ​​the daytime running lights located on the sides. The LED front optical group also offers a new look, as does the LED rear group along with the anthracite-colored moldings that have been added to the bumper.

Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai offered the Ioniq with a palette of five colors. Now add four new colors called Fluidic Metal, Electric Shadow, Liquid Sand, and Typhoon Silver. Besides, it should also be said that, for plug-in and fully electric hybrid versions, they will be available with 16-inch wheels that receive a new design.

In the interior, there are also changes in several sections, starting with the introduction of a new 10.25-inch touch screen for the infotainment and navigation system. That will be offered as an option, although as standard, it will already have a screen of 7 inches that has been improved. In addition, to give a more elegant touch, Hyundai has installed new Ioniq ambient lighting in blue for the bottom of the dashboard both on the passenger side and the center console.

As with the color of the body, Hyundai has also paid attention to the upholstery of the Ioniq seats. It will be offered as standard in Fossil Gray fabric, but optionally we can opt for the leather upholstery that will be offered in four different colors. Some of them exclusive to the chosen model: Fossil Gray, Shale Gray, Red Umber (only for the hybrid and plug-in hybrid), and Electric Shadow (only for the electric version).

Hyundai Ioniq
To all this, we must add the latest developments in systems and driving aids. Some of them included as standard the Hyundai SmartSense package as a frontal collision assistant with the detection of pedestrians. And cyclists, warning of driver fatigue, assistant of lane maintenance and long hid lights assistant. Optionally we will also have several systems available that finish is completing the series offer.

But as we had previously mentioned, the most important change may be found in the electric version of the Ioniq. But not precisely in its 136 hp and 295 Nm electric motor, but in its battery that now becomes 38.3 kWh, which translates into 36% more capacity and autonomy that increases to 311 km. Its standard built-in charger now becomes 7.2 kW for Type 2 AC charging, which means that in a 100 kW fast-charging station we can recharge up to 80% of the battery capacity in 54 minutes.

On the other hand, both in the hybrid and plug-in hybrid version, we will find a 1,600 CC gasoline engine that delivers 105 hp. It associated with an electric motor with 43.5 hp power, which translates into a combined power of 141 HP and a torque of 265 m.N, associated with a sports transmission with a double-clutch and six gears.

As I said, the three versions of the Hyundai Ioniq are already available for the American market. With a price starting at 22,845 dollars for the hybrid version, from 30,025 dollars for the plug-in hybrid version and from 34,375 dollars for the full version power.

New Hyundai Venue SUV Will Expands Its SUV Family


The Hyundai Venue, the new compact SUV of the Korean brand, will finally jump over the puddle and become a global model to reach more markets.

It seems incredible that there is still some gap to explode within the SUV segment. But it looks even more when we see how brands do not cease to release new models. An example of this is in Hyundai, where the Korean brand will expand its offer with the new Venue, a compact-sized SUV that will fall below the Kona within the brand’s scale.


Under the urban vibes concept comes the new Hyundai Venue, a model that will target the younger audience. It not only for aesthetics but also for being a vehicle. That created to move in the city, like a fish in the water, although it will not detract the ability to get out. The Hyundai Venue had as its primary objective the USA market. But the brand seems to be clear that this model will succeed in other markets, hence through a spectacular video, they show it and announce it as a global model.

In the video, the Hyundai Venue arrives by air inside a Lockheed C-130 Hercules heading to the Inyokern airport in California. While the rest of the Hyundai SUV range approaches by land, being able to see the Kona, NEXO, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Palisade together. Once on the ground, everyone receives him, and they step aside until they reach the largest of the family. The Palisade seems to challenge him before letting him be part of it and then all together accompany him on his arrival in the city.

As in the video, once the Hyundai Venue arrives in our cities and roads, we will find an SUV of small measures, with 4,030 mm in length, 1,770 mm in width, and 1,560 mm in height. That is not far from the attractive design; we could already see in his sketches. Precisely this will be its great asset, an elegant and youthful design capable of attracting the youngest audience. It will also have an excellent capacity for customization so that each client can give their personal touch.


The interior in two shades will be simple, perhaps with too much abuse of hard plastics. But with a clean design, chair in the center console by a touch screen from which we will operate the infotainment system and other functions. In the instrument cluster, we will have another color TFT screen that will show the most critical information to the driver. With capacity for five people, you will have to see with more data in your hand, as will be your comfort. The trunk with 306 liters capacity will fulfill its function.

At the moment, we do not know which mechanics Hyundai has chosen for the Venue in America. We will have to wait a little longer to know them, although everything indicates that the gasoline engines will be the protagonists. What you do know is that the Hyundai Venue will arrive in these next months of 2019 to the different markets.

The Completely Autonomous Hyundai Sonata 2020 is in Driving Tested

Hyundai Sonata

Last March, Hyundai signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian technology company Yandex to develop autonomous cars of Level 4 and Level 5 jointly. These levels of autonomous driving are the most advanced since they would not have human intervention. The two companies immediately set to work, as Yandex released a video of a self-diagnostic test of the Hyundai Sonata 2020 prototype in its outdoor laboratory.

The initial objective of the collaboration was to build an autonomous prototype based on a Hyundai or Kia model, and as you can see, that has achieved.

Hyundai Sonata

According to Yandex, the new Hyundai Sonata 2020  chosen because its platform allows easy integration of autonomous driving technology and hardware with minimal modifications. The Russian team received the first unit of the Hyundai Sonata at the end of May 2019 and began working on the prototype with Hyundai Mobis engineers.

Initial tests have been carried out on the closed test grounds of Yandex, where the autonomous Sonata has been driving 24/7 in a fully autonomous mode. Currently, the Hyundai Sonata autonomous driving tested in various weather conditions and simulated traffic situations with other autonomous driving cars on track.

Hyundai Sonata autonomous, a work of Yandex

The plan is to start testing the vehicle on the streets of NewYork, “shortly.” The Hyundai Sonata 2020 will be part of the Yandex autonomous fleet, which is expected to reach 100 vehicles by the end of the year. Thanks to the partnership with Hyundai Mobis, more autonomous models of Hyundai and Kia will join the fleet in the future.

Hyundai Sonata

“Our collaboration with Hyundai Mobis is an important element of our expansion strategy, and the new Hyundai Sonata is just the beginning,” Yandex said. Through the collaboration with Hyundai Mobis and other automotive players, the company’s long-term goal is to build “an autonomous out-of-the-box driving solution for a wide variety of automotive platforms.”

That is more or less what Waymo is doing with autonomous driving, and it is noteworthy that Yandex is the «Google of Russia.» The program of autonomous cars of the American company began in 2017. To create genuinely autonomous cars of Level 5; that is, vehicles that do not require driver intervention in any driving scenario ». Now, in its third year, the autonomous driving team is approaching the achievement of the objective. «In August, the Robo taxi service successfully launched, we expanded the tests to Israel and demonstrated one of our driverless cars on public roads during CES 2019. As we move forward in our journey towards the development of cars with advanced autonomous driving, we are pleased to announce the first automotive collaboration.

In addition to the credibility increase offered by the agreement with Hyundai Mobis, Yandex entered the dispute with leaders in the field. Therefore, those looking for a decent offer (Uber and Apple) may now be more willing to look beyond Yandex’s Russian roots. Yandex autonomous driving has arrived.

More Dynamic and Stylish, the 2020 Hyundai I10

Hyundai i10

Hyundai says the new i10’s design was inspired by Indian architecture and nature. The company will also release a European-market version of the new i10 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and while sketches of the latter suggest that the two hatchbacks will have a similar frontal design, it remains to be seen how many other similarities will exist.

Hyundai has revealed the all-new i10 hatchback ahead of its public unveiling at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Like the exterior, the cabin of the Grand i10 Nios has evolved and has been designed keeping Indian requirements in mind. The cabin gets an integrated large touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity features. Space has been increased inside the cabin too and in terms of safety, the new Grand i10 will get standard safety kits like dual airbags and ABS with EBD.

Hyundai i10

New Features

The new i10 has a two-tone beige and light brown color in certain markets. To impart a more aesthetic appeal, the interiors have been accentuated with chrome and silver accents at multiple points. Other interesting design features like metal finish center console, new instrument cluster, blue interior illumination, etc., have been added to offer a more luxurious and ergonomic experience.

The global version of the 2020 Hyundai i10 has been revealed and it gets some changes over the NIOS. Now with the new safety norms of India, Hyundai Grand i10 will soon be offered with standard safety features like ABS, EBD and dual airbags, seatbelt reminders, parking sensors and others. The 1.2-liter petrol engine that makes 82bhp with 112 Nm of torque is expected. We don’t know if there will be a diesel engine since there is a fast dropping demands the diesel cars in India.

Hyundai i10

The Powertrain

For its powertrain, the i10 comes with two engine choices: a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder making 67 horsepower and 96 Nm of torque, and a 1.2-liter 4-cylinder with 84 horsepower and 118 Nm of torque. The transmission options are a 5-speed MT, and get this, a 5-speed AMT or automated manual transmission. Hyundai says this helps improve the i10’s efficiency thanks to its lighter weight and reduced friction. And for those who want to hypermile, a special ECO-pack is also available and this comes with adjusted gear ratios, four seats (!), and minuscule 14-inch wheels.

Infotainment System

The all-new Hyundai i10 comes with an integrated 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also gets a wireless charging option. Unlike the India-spec model, the new i10 for Europe gets BlueLink telematics that provides benefits regarding safety and security, control and connectivity via an app. It allows users to search for points of interest (POI) and send the search results directly to the car’s satellite navigation, which means it is set up even before they get into the car. Other features include ‘Find My Car’, which allows drivers to locate their vehicle easily in an unfamiliar setting, as well as parking space and fuel station search, which offer live prices and availability. Customers also have an option to subscribe to Hyundai LIVE Services, which offers real-time traffic and weather conditions, speed cameras, etc.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai Grand i10, which is known as the i10 in the international markets will soon get a full model replacement. The all-new i10 has been caught testing under heavy camouflage in Europe and it will get an all-new platform. Hyundai is expected to launch the new model in the international markets by the end of this year followed by a launch in India.