The Pros and Cons of Led Headlight in Car

led headlight

Halogen bulbs are probably the cheapest option for your car headlight. Although they are inexpensive to replace, they only have a short lifespan, especially if you want to increase the light output and choose high-performance halogen bulbs.

Some LED bulbs fit into common fixtures of halogen bulbs, such as H4, H7, or some h1 led bulbs. That is a good, inexpensive, and quick solution. But you should know that the light distribution in such solutions is often very different from the original lighting. Furthermore, glare and thus a danger to other road users did not exclude.

led headlight

LEDs can generate a crisp light, which can be particularly important in traffic. Xenon has a major disadvantage because this light was often so bright that it could blind other drivers. This result is not the case with LEDs. In the end, the price-performance ratio should also note again. The LEDs are far ahead of all other car headlights. It is therefore not surprising that led headlight is used more and more frequently and practically takes over the market bit by bit. Overview of the advantages of LED:

– LED lights have an extremely long lifespan
– They offer a high level of reliability because, as a rule, there can be no total failure.
– You only need a small amount of space
– LEDs have a quick switch-on behavior (0.001 seconds) and therefore offer instantaneous switch-on and switch-off. A valuable time when it comes to braking but also blinking. This result can shorten the braking distance of the person behind.
– Depending on the function, LEDs require up to 80 percent less energy.
– They offer high energy efficiency.
– LEDs offer extended design options.

led headlight

But one additional question raised. The disadvantages of LEDs. Do these exist? Are there any disadvantages compared to xenon or halogen headlights?

It has already clarified that LEDs have significant advantages over xenon or halogen headlights. But some LEDs also have disadvantages. Depending on the led light source, LEDs may not be able to produce particularly strong light. It means that the range can be limited depending on the headlight. However, the advantages of LED lights outweigh the disadvantages. Not least because of this, more and more large manufacturers are choosing led headlights instead of any other. And that speaks for itself.

Bulb durability and resistance

The main factor that informs us of the durability of a light bulb is its useful life. In some models, this life is measured in hours, understanding the total driving duration as such, while in other models, we informed of the duration in kilometers.

It is convenient to standardize the measure or at least know what type of duration it refers to. However, in general terms, we can affirm that conventional halogen lights are those that have the shortest useful life in use. This durability increased in part in xenon lights, which also improve the lighting system of the product.

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