Tips for Traveling With Kids on the Road Trip

road trip

Traveling by car with children can be a nightmare if you are not prepared or know what to do at all times since it is very common for long trips that the little ones are dizzy at some time get tired or need to stop To expand a little.

The most common in the car are dizziness and especially in children over two years and constitute discomfort to the child, concerns for parents, and risk of dismissal and even a traffic accident during the trip.

road trip

There are children more and less susceptible to dizziness. Some children are riding in the car and begin to drive and begin to vomit, so, from, we want to give you some general tips to know what to do.

1, If the child is very young, it is best to consult the pediatrician before embarking on a car trip. Only he can administer any product that can reduce the child’s dizziness.

2, In the case of an older child from 3 years old, one solution is to give him some candy or gum that prevents dizziness, he will like it since it is still a dummy and is effective.

3, Try to distract your child from forgetting the trip and be abstracted with other things. Therefore it will be good to play with him the “I see I see,” tongue twisters, riddles, … or any other activity that makes him forget the dizziness.

4, Car DVDs are wonderful and keep you entertained for hours, songs are also a good alternative.

5, Avoid the child to read, which increases the effects of dizziness.

6, Keep the car aired and do not smoke during the trip.

road trip

7, On long trips, children need to get out of the car, and it is good to break the monotony of the trip by stretching their legs.

8, Avoid feeding your child before the trip, and if he catches your food during the trip, try to make them light, easy to digest, and in small quantities. Do not drink milk or soft drinks during the trip on the road at most a cookie if necessary.

9, If the child returns, do not get nervous, that will not reassure your child, and the situation will be worse.

10, If your child is very nervous, stop the car at a service station and wait for him to calm down.

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